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    Nourishing Connection

    Where is your happy place? What sensations do you feel when you are there? Even if you cannot physically be in your happy place, just thinking about it, imagining yourself there can have the same effect on the body as being there in person. The body does not distinguish what is real and what is imaginary, that's why our thoughts have an impact on our physical body even when those thoughts are imaginary.


    Where is my happy place? Lying on the grass at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Before the stay at home order, this was my sanctuary, offering both a sense of solitude and a place to meet up with friends. Being with mother nature became my go to place for every felt emotion; this place was able to hold everything for me the way a mother might hold space and care for her child. The more I practice yoga the more I realize my sanctuary is any place I can roll out my mat. Yoga practice has helped move stagnant energy to release emotions like grief, fear and anxiety especially during Covid.


    The pose you see here is a twisting lunge. It stretches the spine, improves mobility and helps the digestive system. Do this pose when you are feeling anxious. Spinal Twists can help your emotions to flow better in the body while detoxifying the organs.

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    A Change In Perspective

    Sometimes when I find myself too caught up in my thoughts it can be helpful to literally change perspective. Although doing a headstand has many benefits, it's not necessarily needed to bring about this shift. A simple twist, forward bend or fish pose can bring more clarity. Asana poses like these are designed to offer a break from the chatter in your mind.

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    Yin Yang Yoga

    Vinyasa Infused Yin Yoga

    Restore and Renew

  • Virtual Vinyasa Yoga Classes With Vicky

    Weekly Online Schedule

    Thursday’s @7:00pm Schedule in February via ZOOM *NEW TIME*


    Thursday, 2/1/23 @7:00pm - a focus on the naval center
    Thursday, 2/9/23 @7pm - meditative flow a focus on the throat chakra
    Thursday, 2/16/23 @7:00pm - a focus on the hips & hamstrings
    Thursday, 2/23/23 @7:00pm - a focus on the shoulders & heart chakra

    Yoga Class pricing has shifted. $20 for drop in or $60 in advance for all 4 classes. If you have any financial concerns please reach out, no one will be turned away due to financial hardship.


    10% of proceeds will go to non profit organizations that are helping to rebuild communities directly affected by COVID.


    Click HERE to register


    If you have any questions, about private or group classes, please email me here.

    Who is it for?

    Open level class with a focus on breathwork

  • More Offerings

    Join me for 1:1 classes! Or gift a session to friend for a special occasion!


    Book me for group classes including bridal shower and bachelorette yoga.


    Another nice option is to have a personalized session made and sent to you with specific concerns.

    It can be tailored to prenatal yoga, or a past or recent injury, i.e.: Yoga for your lower back and shoulders

    Please reach out for pricing details.

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    "Breath is the bridge which connects life to consciousness, which unites your body to your thoughts. Wherever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again,"
    -Thich Nhat Hanh

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    The benefits of yoga include:

    - Better circulation

    - Stronger Lung capacity

    - Increased Flexibility

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